The theme for TEDxYOUTH@DPSMIS this year is "Tangential Thoughts." Tangential thoughts are arbitrary thoughts that seamlessly connect with one another to form the singularity of all existence. It is in a plurality of views, that we find solutions. These "Eureka" moments that change the world emerge from unprompted thinking and diverse perspectives. In fact, all of the universe's deepest mysteries can be resolved by looking through the existing realm of knowledge.


As the longest-running youth event in Qatar, TEDxYouth@DPSMIS is committed to imparting ideas that foster meaningful innovation and help transform the young generation in our society into socially conscious individuals. We provide a platform to those resolute figures around the globe who have incorporated their ingenuity and ambition into their profession and can stir a raging passion in the youth.

How to Apply

Speakers possess the power to turn a personal experience relatable to the ordinary. So apply today to inspire thousands with your compelling stories and personal experiences!
The principal objectives of the Volunteers would be to support the executives of the event in your respective field and explore your capabilities in curation , event management, marketing, IT and more.
Attendees will experience first-hand, a wide variety of ideas from pioneers in their disciplines.

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This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED